Our Special PharmaCare Program

To Pharmaceutical & Biotech Companies 

  • Develop and manage global access management strategies through Helvedis
  • Create robust procurement strategies that minimize your regulatory, operational and financial risks
  • Optimize every stage of your products lifecycle, from phase II through to strategies for mature brands, helping you create access to your products for patients with unmet medical needs in difficult markets.

Our partner the Physician

Helvedis is a global leader in developing solutions in partnership with pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, helping physicians and their patients

  • Helvedis helps manage access to difficult to-obtain medicines and those that are in short supply or have been discontinued.

To our partner in Pharmacy

  • We have the capability to manage specialist. We work closely with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and specialist suppliers to ensure global access to the most difficult-to access medicines.
  • We access and provide all medicines ethically, in a timely manner and full compliance with international regulatory requirements within a secure supply chain environment
  • We provide all appropriate documentation take the strain out of adverse event reporting and support the continuing professional development of pharmacists.